Your Body, Your System

How Stabilized is the Force of Transport in Your System?

Exit Analysis
Do you have an exceptionally difficult time dealing with cold weather?
Do you move quickly and frequently juggle several activities at the same time?
Do you think and talk quickly?
Are you interested in fields such as communication and media?
Do you prefer spontaneity over a set of routines and scheduling?
Do you tend toward dry skin and hair or flaky scalp?
Are you naturally prone to being thin or slight in size or have a relatively easy time losing weight?
Are you happy that you are able to grasp new ideas and learn quickly but wish that you were able to remember
more of what you learn?
Are you in such a rush to “get going” that you can be overly impulsive and start working on projects
without thinking things through?
Do you sometimes skip meals or forget to eat?
Do you have a basically optimistic and enthusiastic attitude?
Do you have a tendency to become anxious or nervous?